Since Amazon offers free shipping on orders above 25 dollars. You may wish to consider buying another book in conjunction with Zuke 'Em.

Two Books to Flesh Out your C-Z repertoires:

Updated, Expanded edition of A Killer Opening Repertoire, now 33% longer. Note, the original version of this book is an impossible-to-find classic written by GM Summerscale, who wrote the foreword to my book. This is a complete repertoire.


Starting Out: D-Pawn Attacks: The Colle-Zukertort, Barry and 150 Attacks by Richard Palliser

This book is not a repertoire book, but when you couple it with Zuke Em, you have a complete set of tools to meet all major Black openings (other than the Dutch).

Your Second Colle System Book

The Moment of Zuke, Rudel's second chess book  is a strategy guide for Colle System players organized as a set of lessons with exercises and solutions.

Other great chess books:

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